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When a young US tourist stranded in Europe meets a fellow traveler from the UK, they at first seem to have nothing in common. Yet as they gradually discover what each of them is running from, they find unexpected similarities in their situations, and learn that attraction can sometimes blossom between two people who least expect it…

My Girl


Rory's troubled life takes a turn for the better when he meets Emerson, a handsome and wealthy young man willing to solve Rory's every problem. Only one thing stands between Rory and his happily-ever-after, and that is his new admirer's reservations about dating guys. 
Will they find a way to make their relationship work, or will Rory have to change - and if so, how far is he prepared to go to earn his fairytale romance? 

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The Wright Way


Ethan Wright knows what's right and what's wrong. Homosexuality is wrong in his opinion, but then, given the background he's coming (or, more precisely, running) from, he could hardly have formed a different belief. He doesn't allow it to affect his actions, though. He is a firefighter, and he saves lives no matter how people choose to live them.
There's just that one guy that he can't quite get out of his head. The guy that circumstances keep putting in his way. The guy that makes him feel...he's not sure, how. There's not much time for him to figure that out, for his past is about to catch up with him, putting more than just his life in danger, forcing him to face uncomfortable truths and make life-changing decisions.

Golden Trap


Living with a rich boyfriend who buys you everything you can think of may seem attractive, even if he doesn't always treat you well. Yet there's another side to it that you're forced to face when a young man whose life you saved decides to pay you back by saving yours.

The story is available on 'Scripts: Romance Episode' app - an interactive story platform with plenty of genres to choose from!

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Guests Of Honor

(Book 3 of Alliance By Marriage Series)


A wedding invitation is usually a good thing—unless you receive it from your past enemy and find yourself in a position where you can’t refuse it. When King Harpax—by now an experienced ruler, a faithful husband, and a somewhat struggling father—has the misfortune of receiving such an invitation, he suspects that things might go wrong. He has no idea, though, what a twisted trap awaits him, and how close he’s about to come to losing everyone and everything he loves.

Wheel Of Fortune

(Book 2 of Alliance By Marriage Series)


Despite their rough start, Harpax and Emilio have grown to love and appreciate each other. Two years later, things are looking bright between them.
Yet under the surface, secrets lurk that have the power to undo their happiness.
Their peaceful life comes under threat with the arrival of a ship carrying an uninvited guest from their past, setting into motion a series of events that endanger all they have built together—and perhaps even their very lives…


Alliance by Marriage
(Book 1 of Alliance By Marriage Series)


King Harpax's decision to marry the son of his defeated enemy was only meant to punish and humiliate a disobedient neighboring kingdom. Yet as he and the reluctant new addition to his harem begin to know each other better, things start changing between them. But being a cruel king comes with its downsides. When Harpax finds his rule and his very life in danger, whom can he trust? Surely not the beautiful young man whose future he's seemingly destroyed?

Unworthy of Love


Sixteen years old James is used to having foster kids around the house. Some stay for weeks, others for months, and even the most problematic of them tend to open up to his mother's kindness and gentle discipline. Until the new kid arrives. The one nobody else agreed to foster due to his history. He's trouble, and James finds himself both hating him and drawn to him at the same time. But where kindness has failed, could hatred provide a cure?

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Brought Down


When the youngest son of the ruler of post-apocalyptic Earth is captured by the rebels who hide underneath its barren surface, it seems at first that escaping and trying to reach his people is his only chance at survival. Yet as he navigates the dangers of the radioactive and unfamiliar world, he finds unexpected help in one of the very people he has always despised, and discovers that sometimes an enemy can become your only friend-or even more than just a friend?

Unlike My Enemy


"I shouldn't have knelt. I should have let you kill me."
"I can still do it."
One day, I will get my revenge. It's only then that I will be able to let my past go, and breathe again, and smile again, and maybe even love. Until then, I do not live. I bide my time.
"The best revenge is to be unlike your enemy," ~ Marcus Aurelius

UNLIKE MY ENEMY 2021_edited.jpg

The Monk and the Banished Prince


Nico’s orderly monastic life turns upside down after a visit from Prince Emery triggers a landslide of dramatic events. Against his better judgement, Nico finds himself drawn to the arrogant and troublesome royal in desperate need of a friend. As the secrets of the past and the conspiracies of the present shatter their familiar worlds, can they survive to create a better future among the ruins—together?

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